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Comparing Apples to Broccoli.

I’m fortunate enough to at least have gotten so far as to have booked my venue. Though, as a recently married friend one described to me, I am definitely in the phase of being happy with my venue, yet finding things to question about it. “Maybe I should have chosen option K… or held out for the option I had yet to find….” This is especially true now that I am foraying into the land of the photographer search where I find myself drifting into thoughts of “Ooo, where did that couple get married? That place looks cool!” as I scan through page after page of photos of oh so perfect looking weddings.

I digress..

I’m sure I’ll post more related to photographers later, but for now sticking to sharing some lessons from the venue search. While I was well warned about all the potential variations between venues and need to ask about EVERYTHING that should and could be included, I was still surprised about where my definitions of “should” and “could” seemed very out-of-line with the thinking of the venue.  Not to mention the hidden costs I might have been charged with had I not done my research into a venue.

I had obvious opinions of which I preferred just by looks and general characteristics, but let’s all be honest for the majority of folks it ultimately comes down to cost. And for me trying to compare packages was not even comparing apples to oranges, but more like comparing apples to broccoli. So I developed a spreadsheet to help me to a cross comparison of my venue options including costs and all the features they offered. It was a handy tool for me to keep my quotes organized and to help me get a true sense of costs (you’ll see in the bottom, I’ve also included tip calculators based on venue costs).

I’m no longer in need of this, but thought others out in wedding planning land might find it handy. So please, use it, modify it, share suggestions on what to do with it! And please, shoot me a message if you have any questions or suggestions on how to improve it for any others that come along!